Ibrahim, a man in Kenya, and his family, sitting in their home

Boko Haram took over Ibrahim’s village, and forced the men to join them – but Ibrahim refused. Terrified of being killed, he and his family had to flee their home.

Ibrahim went ahead, and his wife Nana followed with their children. They were forced to walk for three days to reach safety after Boko Haram stole their donkey. They were incredibly vulnerable, with no choice but to sleep out in the open.

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Now, the family live in a camp for displaced people. Ibrahim used to be a farmer, but since leaving his home he has no land, and his animals have died or run away. Ibrahim sells firewood to survive, but it simply isn’t enough.

We are providing life-saving food to Ibrahim and his family, but their story is just one of many. There are more than 40 million people displaced within their own countries worldwide. Your generous gift this Easter will help us provide life-saving support to more families like Ibrahim’s.