Sori, a lady living in northern Kenya.

Sori lives with her husband, Galgallo, and their six children in Marsabit county, northern Kenya. Her family used to earn a living from their herd of more than 200 animals. But then the drought hit – and only 30 of their animals have survived.

Their lives have been torn apart: they’re struggling to afford food, let alone school fees for their children. Families in their community have been forced to separate to search for water.

Thanks to generous donations from people like you, Christian Aid’s partner PACIDA has been supporting Sori and her family during the drought. We’ve given Sori cash transfers, so she can buy the food her family desperately needs, as well as paying school fees so her children can continue to learn.

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Sori knows how education has the power to change lives. She hasn’t been to school herself, but told us that ‘people who’ve been to school are now the ones who are self-reliant, and I’m encouraged by that. The future of my children is really important to me.’

Now, Sori has hope for her family’s future. She says, ‘we remain optimistic, looking forward to a good season when the herd will come and families will be reunited.’