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Calls for meaningful action following Ireland's poor record on climate

Christian Aid Ireland calls for urgent and meaningful action following Ireland’s poor record on climate action highlighted once again by Climate Advisory Council annual report.

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The annual report by the Climate Advisory Council published today [25 July 2018] has highlighted once again Ireland’s poor record on tackling climate change.

The report states that Irish greenhouse gas emissions are rising rather than falling and that Ireland is completely off course in terms of achieving its 2020 and 2030 emissions reduction targets. This is Advisory Council's second report highlighting the need to urgently accelerate the pace and scale of climate action by the Government.

Jennifer Higgins, Policy and Advocacy Advisor at Christian Aid Ireland, said:

“This report is again another indication of Ireland’s weak performance when it comes to meaningfully tackling climate change. When emissions projections are being described as ‘disturbing’ it is clearly a signal that we need to be doing much more. The government clearly isn’t heeding the advice of expert authorities such as the Advisory Council, who have previously published a report highlighting the governments need to rapidly act on climate change.

“It is time for the government to recognise the impact of our inaction. The Citizens Assembly recommendations last year clearly demonstrate public support for increased ambition and immediate action, which would at the very least put us in line with our European counterparts.

“The moment has now come for Ireland to act decisively and urgently to tackle climate change. In this way, and only this way, will we have the chance for a future that is sustainable and fair, not only for the citizens of Ireland, but for millions of the world’s poorest people who are feeling the very real consequences of our inaction.”


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