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Immediate Government action needed after climate report

Christian Aid Ireland calls for immediate Government action, as Ireland ranks a ‘dismal’ second last in EU climate action report

Christian Aid Ireland has called for immediate action from the Irish Government following a report released today [Mon 18th  June] from Climate Action Network (CAN), which places Ireland as second last against other EU member states when it comes to ambition on tackling climate change.

Jennifer Higgins, Policy and Advocacy Advisor at Christian Aid Ireland, said: “This report, and Ireland’s dismal ranking, clearly shows that Ireland continues to be bottom of the pack when it comes to tackling climate change, further reinforcing our status as a laggard rather than a leader when it comes to ambition on climate change.”

The report by CAN Europe, ‘Off target: Ranking of EU countries’ ambition and progress in fighting climate change’, assesses the role that member states play in setting ambitious climate and energy targets and policies, and what progress they are making in reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency at home.

Ms Higgins also added: “The Citizens Assembly recommendations last year, in 2017, clearly demonstrated public support for increased ambition and immediate action by the government, which would at the very least put us in line with our European counterparts.

“The moment has now come for Ireland to act decisively and urgently to tackle climate change. In this way, and only this way, will we have the chance for a future that is sustainable and fair, not only for the citizens of Ireland, but for millions of the world’s poorest people who are feeling the very real consequences of our inaction.”

To read the report visit: here 

Christian Aid Ireland is part of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition.