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IACHR recently conducted preliminary investigations after large scale protests were held by Nicaraguans in several regions of the country. The Commission found evidence of torture, arbitrary arrests and censorship of the press. The report also confirmed 76 deaths, more than 800 injured and 538 arrests.

Karol Balfe, Head of From Violence to Peace at Christian Aid Ireland, said: “Christian Aid strongly condemns any and all violations of human rights in Nicaragua. The preliminary report by the Inter American Commission set up to investigate the situation, is very worrying. Urgent measures must be taken to ensure that human rights in Nicaragua are protected”.

“We welcome the recommendations of the commission and strongly support the dialogue as a way to reach a peaceful and democratic solution to the conflict”.  

Christian Aid is working in Nicaragua to support human rights defenders, social movements and civil society organisations to speak up against all kinds of injustice that prevent people from living a fulfilling life that's free from violence. With its partners, it works with the most vulnerable groups to tackle the root causes of inequality and marginalisation by promoting people’s political and economic rights.

Christian Aid works in four countries in Central America – Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.
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