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Christian Aid strongly welcomes the Revenue's moves to close down the Single Malt tax loophole, announced today by Minister for Finance, Paschal Donohue, but is calling on the government to go the whole way in closing down other tax avoidance structures.

Head of Advocacy and Policy Sorley McCaughey said, “This will have benefits not just for the Irish exchequer, but for countries around the world. Their protections against profit-shifting via Ireland have been boosted today. Now that they clearly recognise the problem, we urge the government to stop replacement structures being put in place. As we've reported, these are still available via the UAE, other low-tax treaty partners, and via onshore tax breaks too. This means ending Ireland's opt-outs to the OECD's anti-tax-avoidance treaty, such as Article 12 of the Treaty, and negotiating with treaty partners to do so too."

The Single Malt was first identified by Christian Aid Ireland in its 2017 report Impossible Structures: Tax outcomes overlooked by the 2015 tax spillover analysis. To read this report visit:



**Sorely McCaughey is available for interview on 0870620062.**

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