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Eye Witness Account

Our Colleague, Therese Purcell visited rural Malawi and witnessed the life-changing impact of aid on remote communities

Therese visited Malawi, Africa recently to witness first hand the power of overseas aid.

"Malawi is very different to where I'm from in Thurles, but the people are very much like the Irish," she said. "They are very warm and welcoming and it's no wonder Malawi is known as 'the warm heart of Africa'. I was also surprised to learn that St. Patricks Day is a big day of festivities over there". 

Christian Aid Ireland is working with local partner organisations to help the people in the poorest areas of Malawi to have a regular supply of food through farming and to access clean water. One woman, Therese spoke to, Lucia Gosta, a grandmother, recalled how in 2014 a huge flood destroyed her home and she lost everything. The villagers and community all rallied around and helped her to literally drag her family to safety. Wading through muck and mud, while trying to avoid dangerous debris and snakes in the water. It took them hours to free themselves and to try and salvage a few small possessions. 

Therese said: "I was very humbled by Lucia and the other people I met in Malawi."

Christian Aid Ireland supports people like Lucia to start again. Her family worked hard to build a basic new clay home away from floodplains. She has also started to become less reliant on aid, as the projects she has benefitted from have helped her to become more financially independent by farming and breeding livestock. This is through the help and support of donations to Christian Aid Ireland.