Women walking across irrigation site funded by Christian Aid

Five reasons to be proud of Ireland’s global reach

1. We support people to realise their basic human rights

Thanks to people in Ireland, the future is brighter for the village of Mbenje, southern Malawi. With your support and the hard work of local people, new water kiosks were installed in 2016. Since then and the ease of access to this basic human right, no child under five has died in the village because of water-borne disease.

Water Kiosk Malawi

2. We’ve been there when disaster strikes, helping people to weather the storm

You have been there when disaster strikes. On October 4th 2016, Hurricane Matthew ripped through Haiti, destroying homes and dreams in its path. A year previously, Christian Aid built a new home for Vilia, one that was fit to weather the storm. On the fateful night when Hurricane Matthew hit, 54 people called to her house for protection. The house you helped to build protected Vilia and 54 others. It stood up to the storm.

Vilia St Patrick Day

3. We empower

Experience has thought us that peace building can start with just one individual. Empower one, influence a thousand. In Myanmar, your support trained and empowered 124 individuals at local, grassroot level as ‘civilian protection monitors’. These monitors are a vital part of community life in 25 villages. They actively engage with communities and monitor any violation of civilians’ rights by armed groups in conflict-affected areas. These monitors report violations, raise awareness in their communities about the peace process and help to build peace.

4. We speak out against inequality and injustice

We are a nation that will not sit back and where we can, we question the status quo. On the domestic stage, you have helped and encouraged us to speak out when tax injustice occurs. In 2017, Christian Aid released a report pinpointing unfair loopholes in Ireland’s corporate tax system.

When multinational companies avoid paying taxes that they owe, it can rob developing countries of tax incomes estimated to be worth $300bn. These funds could be used to provide clean water, healthcare, education and other essentials. And in developing countries, these services can be the difference between life and death.

5. We are ranked as one of the most generous countries in the world

For a little country on the edge of Europe, Ireland makes a big difference globally. The Charities Aid Foundation’s World Giving Index consistently places us within the top ten of the most generous countries in the world out of 139 countries. We are a nation of thinkers and doers and we are making an impact.

A sincere thanks to all our supporters for enabling us to work towards a world free from poverty and injustice.