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I am a young person living in Ireland and go to school in Dublin. Climate change is a huge issue which should be the main topic of discussion today, especially among teenagers. Living here, it is embarrassing to be a part of such a small, wealthy country which is having such a negative impact on the environment.

As a teenager, it is disappointing seeing how my political leaders are reacting to this crisis which is why all young people should be involved in the actions taking place to put an end to global warming. It is important for teenagers to know what it is to fight for your rights and learn to stand up for what you believe in at a young age. The school strikes taking place are a really good way of drawing attention to the issue and they also give young people a sense of pride to be part of such a big movement. Young people can come together and protest for what will be their future.

When I hear about people my age trying to make a difference, it inspires me to take part in the marches and protests, and they are encouraging teenagers to be brave, to stand up for what is right. It’s a scary thought to think of our future being so affected by climate change.

When I think about my children not being able to ever make a snowman or even see sleet coming down, it saddens me. We are going to have to adjust to frequent floods and droughts in the summer. Our everyday lives will be in danger but, if we all stand together and make a difference we might just change that outlook.

This problem is too big to ignore. We can no longer solve climate change later, we have no more time.

- Ishbel.

Governments are putting the issue off and delaying dealing with this problem because they think we have time but we don’t. This problem is too big to ignore. We can no longer solve climate change later, we have no more time.

It upsets me that the people who are the most powerless in a country are the ones who will struggle the most to deal with these changes in weather conditions. Much can be done to reduce our emissions, like investing in public transport, building more bus and cycle lanes, and making renewable energy more affordable.

I know myself that schools in Dublin are raising awareness of climate change to students and young adults who will soon have a vote. ‘There is no planet B’ read one of the posters at the march in Dublin on 15 March. People need to understand that we only have one planet to live on, we need to take care of it."

Author: Ishbel Marcoux, aged 16