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Dozens of international and domestic peace-building organisations have joined together to release a statement in advance of the International Day of Peace, which falls on September 21. The statement, which also comes ahead of the opening of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly, calls on governments and the international community to: fully embrace the commitments to peace in the 2030 Agenda; reaffirm a commitment to human rights; foster social resilience by strengthening inclusion and addressing inequality; recommit to multilateralism as a safeguard for the most vulnerable; and protect and support civil society in fostering sustainable peace.

Karol Balfe, Head of ‘From Violence to Peace’ with Christian Aid Ireland, one of the letter’s signatories said:

“The need to urgently re-focus on peace is hugely important in the context of Ireland’s bid for the Security Council. There is an opportunity for Ireland to be a moral and courageous voice for peace. Too often, governments across the globe act in their own self-interest. States are pursuing militarized approaches, either in the absence of, or in isolation from, policies that decrease exclusion and inequality – core drivers of conflict. Ireland should use its Security Council campaign to be at the forefront of demanding peace is prioritised, human rights respected and that we address the root causes of conflict.”

The Quaker United Nations Office – an organisation that represents Quaker concerns for global peace and justice to the international community – played a key role in drafting and circulating the statement. The signatories include organizations dedicated to peace from throughout the world, including faith-based groups, international development agencies, policy organizations, and others.




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