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Nurse Judith Lassie provides compassion and care to the many mums and babies who come to her health clinic in Sawula village – but she needs more help. This Christian Aid Week, we pay tribute to Judith and ask what we can do to empower her and others like her.

When Judith first came to Sawula village, she saw how mums were in desperate need of medical care. But thanks to her strong faith and great love, she’s turning things around.

‘I’ve experienced bad things before,’ Judith tells us, ‘so I know it is very, very heart-breaking when somebody delivers and the child dies.’

It is for this reason that Judith works around the clock to meet the needs of mums and young children who come to the health clinic.

Will you stand with Judith this Christian Aid Week?

‘Wherever they are, I will be there, we’ll walk together,’ she says.

Nurse Judith gives Tenneh's baby a check-up in the temporary health clinic.
Nurse Judith gives Tenneh's baby a check-up in the temporary health clinic.
A lifeline to families

Tenneh is one of the many mums who delivered their baby safely, thanks to Judith. She had lost a baby before after a traumatic birth, but Judith helped her to face her fears.

‘With the coming of Judith, so many lives have changed,’ Tenneh said. ‘We know that with Judith, as long as we see the light at the end of the tunnel, we’ll be OK.’

Judith is providing a lifeline to families like Tenneh’s in Sierra Leone – but she alone is not enough. She needs a better health clinic with more facilities and medicines to help respond to everyone’s needs. 

‘I need help,’ she says. ‘Women are dying from childbirth, children under five are dying, because of poverty. Please help us.’

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A chance for health

With your support today, we could work alongside Judith’s community to build a bigger, better health centre.

Your support could help to provide more delivery beds and solar lighting so mums can give birth safely. Or refrigerators to keep vaccines cool and help babies to live long and happy lives.

Judith smiles a big, beaming, hopeful smile, as she imagines the new health centre:

‘I’ll be so proud because we’ve come together. I know that for women here, thanks to Christian Aid and by the grace of God, our situation is going to change.’