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In Memory Of Queen Elizabeth

Published on 9 September 2022

Queen Elizabeth leaves behind a powerful legacy, not least in championing friendship between people of all faiths and none, and the diverse peoples of the world. She always promoted development of the person, communities, structures, and social wellbeing.

For those who share a Christian faith, Queen Elizabeth’s own faith demonstrated throughout her life in her words and actions have been an inspiration.

Reflecting on the impact of Queen Elizabeth, Christian Aid Ireland’s Chief Executive, Rosamond Bennett, said: “The Queen’s state visit to Dublin in 2011 played a pivotal role in normalising relations between Britain and Ireland, as well as helping to foster further reconciliation between communities in Northern Ireland.

I deeply respected her commitment and dedication demonstrated over decades, and greatly admired her ability to connect with people of all backgrounds.

- Rosamond Bennett, Chief Executive, Christian Aid Ireland.

We join those around the world praying in thanks for her life of service and for her family as they mourn her loss.

A prayer in memory of Queen Elizabeth


Faithful God

We remember with thanksgiving and gratitude,

the life and service of Her Majesty the Queen.

We have been inspired by her dedication and faith,

Her commitment to the welfare of the Nations

And her lifelong devotion to the peoples of the Commonwealth.

As we pray for her family and with the nations,

May the integrity of her public service,

Her concern for the common good

And her steadfast commitment to good governance

Inspire all those in public office,

In UK and Commonwealth and across the world,

To uphold the rights of all peoples

In the pursuit of justice

And the interests of peace.