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'A simple act of kindness can go a long way.'

Refugee week starts this week and we are asking supporters old and new to engage with one or more of the ‘20 Simple Acts’.

Nejebars Story.

In 2017, we spoke to Nejebar from Afghanistan. Nejebar fled the terror of the Taliban, from her home to Greece, with only a tent for shelter. Yet, despite this, she took in two unaccompanied minors, Farzad and Faraidoon.

David Thomas, our Church and Community Manager, thinks of her often and the incredible act of kindness she displayed to these young men. “When I think about a simple act of kindness, I think of Nejebar. Despite her own situation, Nejebar didn't hesitate to take in these two young boys, Farzad and Faraidoon. She didn’t have to think twice about her decision. For me, this was an extraordinary act of kindness.”

Nejebar a refugee from Afghanistan sits in a Greek camp with her sons

Nejebar, Farzad and Faraidoon are just some of the millions of people in the world that have been forced to flee their homes. Yet Nejebar's kindness shows that even in the face of adversity, a simple act can go a long way.

To celebrate Nejebar and the millions of displaced people worldwide, David and others like him, will be taking part in Refugee Week's 20th-anniversary celebrations by doing one of the ‘20 Simple Acts’.

These are actions that anyone can do to stand together with refugees and unite people. Will you join him?

Refugee Week is a time to stand together and celebrate the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees, and the welcome offered to them here.

From sharing a simple message of welcome to baking a cake for your neighbours, your actions can go a long way.

Join in the celebrations this Refugee Week by doing one of the 
20 Simple Acts and stand with displaced people worldwide.

Support vulnerable refugees who’ve made dangerous journeys to European shores from places affected by conflict.
Five men sitting around a campfire in the dark.