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Scotland - Act on Climate!

The Scottish Government will soon be inviting feedback on a proposed new Climate Change Bill. The bill will set emissions targets for 2020 and beyond. It will also simplify how we will know when we've reached those targets.

Chris Hegarty, Senior Advocacy & Policy Adviser at Christian Aid Scotland said, 'Thanks to the efforts of campaigners at the time of the first Climate Change Bill in 2009, Scotland already has some pretty ambitious climate change targets in place, and has made great early steps towards a low-carbon future.

'This new bill is a chance to really build on that progress.

'We hear from Christian Aid's partners around the world how important leadership is on this issue. We can't all sit around and wait for others to go first. This new bill gives Scotland another chance to demonstrate the climate leadership that is so urgently required.'

Together with Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, Christian Aid will have an opportunity to remind the Government that climate change affects us all, both close to home and around the world. Millions of the world's poorest and most vulnerable people will feel its impact most keenly.

Those who have done the least to cause climate change, like Jacqueline Niyukuri (pictured below), tend to be affected first and worst.

Jacqueline is a sunflower seed farmer in Burundi, and treasurer of a sunflower cooperative supported by Christian Aid.

Burundi, one of the world's poorest countries, suffers from unpredictable rainfall, erratic weather conditions and drought. With 90% of the population reliant on farming, the people of Burundi are extremely vulnerable to climate change.

With Christian Aid's help, Jacqueline learned to diversify her crops and adapt to increasingly unpredictable rainfall patterns. Thanks to the income she's earned from her sunflowers and vegetables, she has been able to build her own home for the first time.

She has even taken power into her own hands and installed a solar panel on her new home.

Jacqueline says, 'My children used to study in the dark, now they can study in this better environment. They go to school - before it was hard, it was on and off, but now it's stable.'

Take power into your hands and act on climate

Look out for your campaign postcard soon and join us in asking the First Minister to commit to a strong Scottish Climate Change Act and a healthy, prosperous, zero-carbon Scotland.