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Standing up to climate change

Over the summer of 2017, an incredible 18,000 people including Christian Aid Scotland supporters called on the Scottish Government to get ambitious about climate change. Campaigners old and new asked the First Minister to stand up to climate change and to create a better future for people in Scotland and around the world.

We asked for a target of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the latest, and a reduction of 77% by 2030. We asked for assurances that future finance budgets will be consistent with our climate targets. And we asked the government to commit to actions that will ensure greener farming, energy efficient homes and cleaner transport.

Christian Aid Scotland are standing up to climate change


We are seeing real progress already. The Scottish Government just announced a series of encouraging steps, including some of our recommendations, in its new programme for government. Many of Scotland’s leading international development charities took the unusual step of making a joint call for the Scottish Government to aim high with its new climate change bill.

Christian Aid Scotland, Oxfam, SCIAF, Tearfund and several others signed the joint submission to the government consultation on Scotland’s new climate bill, recommending an urgent focus on climate justice in light of ever-increasing concern over the impact of climate change on poor communities around the world.

Next steps

We will continue to campaign on the new, improved climate act in the new year.

But we don’t want you to be twiddling your thumbs until then. If you’re fired up about climate change, get involved with our Big Shift campaign.

Since November 2016, thousands of people have emailed the biggest high street banks to ask them to stop funding climate change with the investments and loans they make with our money. Some banks have started to respond and they all agree that climate change is a huge threat to our world. But we haven’t seen the action required to back up their words.

This autumn, we’re doubling our efforts to persuade them to help us build a better, safer world. Every day in October, campaigners will visit a high street branch of one of the biggest UK banks.

If you would like to challenge your bank about its investments and loans, email Diane Green in the Glasgow office.