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Super Swimmers at Annual Crewe Swim

The Annual Crewe Sponsored Swim attracts swimmers - young and old - from churches and groups across the town. This year, more than 40 swimmers took part in the event on Saturday 4 March.

This year's swim, organised by Malcolm Crook and the Crewe Christian Aid Group, took place in the brand new Lifestyle Centre; the first time the event was not held at the historic Flag Lane baths which has now closed.

As volunteers and swimmers adjusted to a new venue, new swimmers joined in and an amazing £4,500 was raised to support our community partnership schemes in Ethiopia, El Salvador and Honduras. Because these schemes are match-funded by the EU, more than £16,000 will go to these two projects.

Community partnerships

Through our Community Partnerships, we can link you to Christian Aid projects in some of the world’s poorest communities. Commit to raise £5,000 over two years with your community and we will provide you with support for your fundraising, information and resources about the project and regular updates on what your support is doing.

We currently have opportunities available to support a scheme in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) helping communities to find their voice.

This Community Partnership will ensure that ordinary people are listened to by those representing them and that their hopes and challenges are reflected in policy and budgets.

Though this work will take time, the resilience and determination of the people of the DRC promises to ensure the success of this project.

Find out more about community partnerships