In it for the long haul? Lessons on peacebuilding in South Sudan.

This report analyses approaches to conflict transformation and peacebuilding in South Sudan. It identifies overarching lessons from outside South Sudan, from the country’s own history, and based on the wisdom of local peacebuilders, long-term practitioners and citizens affected by their work.

The reports outlines 10 lessons or principles which provide some guidance to those who wish to understand or support peacebuilding in South Sudan. These are each accompanied by short case studies which explore why these principles can make an important difference.

In illuminating the role of ‘local’ or ‘sub-national’ peacebuilding, the report also demonstrates the interlinkages between national and local interests, making the case for why analysis which spans multiple levels is critical to inform understanding, strategies and approaches to building national peace in South Sudan.

This report is also accompanied by a policy and practice summary 

Peace is a process. It is not a short-term event, it can take three months or five years. You don’t stop, you go on and on, until there is a sense of justice.

Reverend Peter Tibi

Africa Inland Church and Director of CBO, Reconcile

Women in South Sudan marching