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Daily reading: 11 July

Something to read

(For not even his brothers believed in him.)

- John 7:5, from full reading John 7:1-9.

Something to think about

I’m not sure I’ve noticed many verses of the bible that are entirely in brackets.

John is wanting to make entirely clear to the reader what the dynamic was between Jesus and his brothers. For us not to take this exchange at face value but to understand what is actually going on. Even his brothers don’t believe he is the Messiah.

This comes soon after ‘many of his disciples turned back and no longer went about with him.’

Jesus was familiar with rejection. Particularly when the going got tough.

For our sisters and brothers around the world who are rejected by cultural, economic and political systems, may it offer some comfort to know God understands the rejection they have known.


Something to do

Give to the Rohingya Crisis Appeal in an act of solidarity with those who have been rejected from their homes and communities.

Something to pray

Rejected Jesus,

May your experience of rejection

Bring comfort to those who feel overlooked or pushed out

Forgive us for when we have rejected you in some parts of our lives

Grant us the grace, faith and courage to follow you, whatever the cost.


Today's reading is provided by Wendy Lloyd, faith communications coordinator for Christian Aid.

Published on 11 July 2021