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Daily reading: 12 July

Something to read

…they sell the righteous for silver, and the needy for a pair of sandals.

- Amos 2:6, from full reading Amos 2:6-16.

Something to think about

God is angry and Amos expresses that anger in no uncertain terms. These are strong words from a God who abhors the mistreatment of those who are in need and living in poverty. God will not stand it in the time of Amos nor now.

There is a place and time for righteous anger, when we see the separation of children from parents, the bodies of migrants washed up on a shore that once held so much hope, the tears of children aching with hunger because of human conflict. These and many more are the moments when the anger of God rises up in our spirits and we join our prophetic voice to Amos and call for change.


Something to do

Take time today to participate in a campaign for justice to prevent the exploitation of those in poverty. Find out more about Christian Aid campaigns

Something to pray

Grant us grace God,

To feel the anger you feel

When we see the exploitation of vulnerable people

And help us channel that anger

Into meaningful action for change.


Today's reading is provided by Wendy Lloyd, faith communications coordinator for Christian Aid.

Published on 12 July 2021