Daily reading: 12 November

Something to read


There was a famine in the land… the woman was left without her two sons and her husband.

Ruth 1:1,5 from full reading Ruth 1:1-5

Something to think about


Naomi and her family were caught up in the big famine of their day. They fled from this as refugees.

Sadly, the story got worse as Naomi’s husband and sons died in the foreign land.

Ironically, the family fled from Bethlehem, ‘the House of Bread’. Naomi ended up losing her husband Elimelech (‘God is King’) and sons Mahlon (‘song’) and Chilion (‘complete’).

No wonder that Naomi, whose name means ‘pleasant’ changed her name to Mara ‘bitter’. She lost everything.

Today, millions of refugees are fleeing famine, war, drought and climate change, many of whom have lost their homes and families.

Something to do


Stand up for people forced from their homes around the world. Sign our Uprooted petition

Something to pray


Father of all, the homeless and those who have homes, we pray for a place of security for all and the opportunity for uprooted families to be able to return to a safe home.

The Rev Stuart Davison was the regional minister and team leader for the South Eastern Baptist Association at the time of writing.