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Daily Reading: 20 January

Something to read

When the wine gave out the mother of Jesus said to him: “They have no wine”.

- John 2: 3 from full reading John 2: 1-11.

Something to think about

Mothers! They seem to have their eyes on everything even when it’s not their responsibility.  My children believed me when I said I had eyes in the back of my head.  Jesus’ mother is a guest at this wedding but sees the potential embarrassment for the host.  She points it out to Jesus.  She is confident in his response.  She prematurely instructs servants. She is vindicated.  She is instrumental in identifying the start of his mission.

In a favela in Sao Paulo I saw the Mothers’ Club, a Christian Aid partner, in action. They identified the need: malnourished children who would benefit from more protein. They identified the provider: the local municipality who could be lobbied and embarrassed into helping. They delivered the product: setting up a milk post to provide milk to other mothers, which they opened every weekday. 

So many more saw the benefits; as once engaged the mothers’ eyes were everywhere: seeing health needs, childcare issues, employment opportunities, transport problems and reaching out to those with no homes or land to build on.

Many of us are the product of our mother’s confidence. Jesus’ ministry is built on that.  Others can ‘mother’ in situations of need or lack to bring real change.  Let’s be thankful for ‘mothering’.

Something to do

Look around you to see mothers at work in the world. Listen for the words of support and advice they give.  If you see one struggling with an impatient child offer an encouraging word or some practical help. 

Something to pray

Mothering God, thank you for nurture and nature.  Thank you for faithfulness and commitment. Thank you for your confidence in our capacity to live well in your world and with each other.

Today’s reading was provided by Sue Richardson, former theology advisor for Christian Aid.

Published on 20 January 2021

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Bible reference
John 2:1-11