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Daily reading: 3 May

Seeking the path of peace.

Something to read

Many peoples shall come and say, 'Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord.

- Isaiah 2:3 from full reading Isaiah 2:1-5.

Something to think about

The Prophet Isaiah shares with us his understanding of God’s Kingdom being established on earth.

A key characteristic of his vision of a better world is peace. We shouldn’t be surprised by this because Jesus is called the Prince of Peace by Isaiah himself in chapter nine.

Jesus came to establish peace between man and God and to teach His ways so that we may walk in his paths. His path is the path of peace and as His people we should seek and strive for peace.

Violence is a prime agent of poverty, capable of wiping out years of development and destroying thriving societies. Over the last 70 years Christian Aid has worked in many conflict-affected countries and settings, often working directly on issues of violence and peace.

Something to do

Even though we hear little about it in the news continue to pray for all those refugees from Myanmar’s Rakhine State who are still stuck in camps in Bangladesh.

Pray for the Bangladesh Government and aid agencies; that they would have the resources to cope with the many needs.

You can still give to the ongoing Rohingya Crisis Appeal.

Something to pray

Compassionate God,

who loves all of humanity,

we pray for an end to the violence,

for peace, protection and provision

in Myanmar and Bangladesh.

In your mercy,

hear our prayer.


The reflections this week are by Cynan Llwyd, Christian Aid Head of Wales (maternity cover) at the time of writing.

Published on 03 May 2021

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Isaiah 2:1-5