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Daily reading: 5 June

Something to read

Mighty King, lover of justice, you have established equity; you have executed justice and righteousness in Jacob.

- Psalm 99:4 from full reading of Psalm 99..

Something to think about

This Psalm causes us to reflect on the importance of God’s reign in the world. God not only acts with justice towards us but has established justice and equity as the pattern for his Kingdom community.

We exalt the Lord in our lives by mirroring his righteous character through our values and lifestyle of integrity. We demonstrate God’s reign in our lives by loving what and who God loves. Just as Moses, Aaron and Samuel could all cry out to God for help, so we can also ask God for assistance to form us into individuals and communities that reveal God’s righteous and just nature.

Verses 7 and 8 provide three simple ways God provides guidance, correction and forgiveness. The Old Testament people of God were guided during their pilgrimage from Egypt to the Promised Land through God’s provision of wholesome life principles and precepts. When they went wrong, as we all do, God brought both correction and forgiveness.

Something to do

Do we ask God to guide us to ways in which we can practically demonstrate his justice in our values and lifestyle? When we fail God in our personal integrity, are we open and teachable to correction?

Participate in God’s establishing of equity and justice by engaging with Christian Aid’s campaigns.

Something to pray

Loving God, help us to manifest the kind of behaviour, values and responses that reflect your righteous reign in our lives.

Guide us today to intentionally reach out to those who are broken by the hardships of life.

Teach us where our lives are out of alignment with your principles of justice.

Forgive us when we live motivated by self-interest and fail to show compassion for those who need to receive an expression of your mercy and kindness.

Today’s contributor is Dr. Leigh Goodwin, assistant director of mission for Assemblies of God, lecturer at Mattersey Hall and IBTI.

Published on 05 June 2021

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