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Daily reading: 6 December

The way of peace.

Something to read

By the tender mercy of our God, the dawn from on high will break upon us, to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.

- Luke 1:78-79 from full reading Luke 1:68-79.

Something to think about

The timeline for Israel’s redemption has suddenly got much shorter by the time the words of our reading today are uttered. God’s word to his people is close to being fulfilled.

As Zacharias says, the prophecy originally came to the ‘holy prophets of old’. They were promised a redeemer a long time ago. And while the waiting has been difficult, it is about to come to an end. We know this because we have the privilege of being able to read the end of the story. They had no such opportunity. Having another prophetic word must have felt rather weary to them.

In a few months, however, their wait for a redeemer was to end and Jesus would be born. But in a way, this was not the ending of a story but a new beginning. Zacharias hinted as much when he said that they would be guided ‘into the way of peace’.

The button was being reset. God’s called-out-people had a mission to fulfil – have a mission to fulfil – and responding to Jesus’s call to follow him is merely a first step.


Something to do

Have any issues of conflict come to your mind in the period of silence you’ve had before following these readings?

If so, think about how you might resolve them.

Something to pray

Prince of peace, give me strategies to help me resolve various conflicts in my life.

Where I have unresolved resentments, help me find the way of peace once again –

both in my heart and in my relationships.


Today’s contributor is Dyfed Wyn Roberts. Dyfed works for Christian Aid in Wales. He has a PhD in church history and is a keen photographer.

Published on 06 December 2020

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Luke 1: 68-79