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Daily reading: 6 July

Something to read

As the eyes of servants look to the hand of their master, as the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress, so our eyes look to the LORD our God, until he has mercy upon us.

- Psalm 123:2.

Something to think about

In a world of legalised slavery, the hand of the master or mistress was entitled to inflict wounds, a slap, a punch, a beating. And God was understood to be a master.

You may feel at times as if God is inflicting wounds on you – a bereavement, a struggle with depression or illness, an unresolved family conflict, an oppressive work relationship or an unneighbourly neighbour.

The people with whom Christian Aid works often live with long term challenges like these, and more.

The Psalm goes on to complain about scorn and contempt, and to cry out for mercy.

Instead of rationalising away the feeling of injustice, join the Psalmist in pleading for God to reveal kindness and mercy today.


Something to do

Find out how people are enslaved or oppressed in your neighbourhood today.

Keep your eyes open for fear, lack of freedom, and a lack of human flourishing.

And, of course, watch out for human trafficking – whether domestic servitude, gang-run begging, agricultural labour abuses, or sexual exploitation.

Something to pray

Spirit of life and freedom, we long for your power in our lives, and in our world. Set us free to live lives of joy and fullness, free from fear, oppression and injustice, here and through the work of churches, Christian Aid and all our partners in good news.

Today’s contributor is the Rev Cheryl Meban, Presbyterian chaplain to Ulster University, with a care for justice, human rights and international economic transformation.

Published on 06 July 2021