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Daily reading: 7 April

Jesus is the message from God. He brings light into the darkness of our world.

Something to read

Then Jesus cried aloud: ‘Whoever believes in me believes not in me but in him who sent me. I have come as light into the world, so that everyone who believes in me should not remain in the darkness…’

- John 12:44-50.

Something to think about


Nowadays, people who come knocking on your door are expected to carry some form of identification. This helps to assure you that they really do represent that particular company and also helps to clarify the purpose of their visit.

Jesus reminds his listeners that he isn’t some random teacher - he’s been sent by God. What he says carries authority and is worth listening to. Not only does Jesus bring a message from God, he is the message. He comes to bring light into the darkness of our world, and invites all of us to embrace that light and share that light.

Christian Aid and partners help millions of poor people throughout the world. What they do is important but also the way they carry out their work. As people who represent Jesus, they take very seriously the need to monitor all those who work with the most vulnerable.

We have all been entrusted with the work of bringing light into the darkness. What we do and how we do things as individuals and churches really counts as it is one important way that people will come to know that God cares.

Something to do

Put your name down to help with Christian Aid Week in your area, and why not invite a friend or two to join you.

Something to pray

Jesus – as we continue to celebrate your resurrection, your victory over death and darkness, we ask you to fill us with the light of your love and your hope so that we might bring that light into the darkness of our world.

Today’s contributor is the Rev Casi M Jones, who lives in North Wales, with her husband Lloyd, her two sons, Dafydd and Tomos and her mother Sara. She works with The Union of Welsh Independents as Resources Officer for the churches in North Wales.

Published on 07 April 2018

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