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Daily reading: 7 December

The reward of the faithful.

Something to read

Then those who revered the Lord spoke with one another. The Lord took note and listened, and a book of remembrance was written before him of those who revered the Lord and thought on his name.

- Malachi 3:16 from full reading 13-18.

Something to think about

Waiting is tough. We know that to be true from our own experience and from reading Scripture. But maybe there’s one thing tougher – being faithful as we wait.

The temptation as the months and years drag on, is for us to become frustrated. We can complain about our situation – it’s hard, it’s been a long time and so on. We may even begin to doubt – is it worth the wait? Is this ever going to happen?

And worst of all, we may even begin to question God – his goodness and faithfulness. ‘What do we profit by keeping his command?’ Such questions are a common theme throughout the Scriptures and we’ve probably asked them ourselves.

Being faithful is tough when the wait is long. Advent lasts a mere four Sundays, but it represents generations of waiting for the Messiah by the people of God.

This is why we need a strategy. Malachi offers us one very simple tip on how to wait – he calls on us to meditate on God – ‘those who revered the Lord and thought on his name’.

We remind ourselves of God’s goodness towards us throughout our life – even in the days when he seemed so very far away.


Something to do

Make a list of how God has been faithful to you in the past 12 months. Be thankful!

Something to pray

Lord, your goodness towards me know no bounds. Thank you.



Today’s contributor is Dyfed Wyn Roberts. Dyfed works for Christian Aid in Wales. He has a PhD in church history and is a keen photographer.

Published on 07 December 2020

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Malachi 3:16