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Footprints daily reflection: 5 April

Doing what Jesus tells us. 

Author: Right Reverend William Henry

Journey through Lent with Christian Aid's series of reflections called Footprints

Bible reading

Matthew 21:1-11

The disciples went and did as Jesus had directed them

- Matthew 21 verse 6.


I remember reading a section from David Wilkerson’s book ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’. In it, he shares about how, on a conviction from God, he took a decision for a period to give up free evenings so that he could use that time to seek God’s face in a deeper way. As he honoured that commitment to God, one-night God spoke to him about ministering to street gangs. That was the moment when the ministry of Teen Challenge was birthed which has had such an immense impact all over the world!! It all happened because he responded to what God wanted from him.

One thought that always sticks with me in the account of the Triumphal entry is that of obedience to Jesus’ Words. The disciples were prepared to go and untie (and take) what would have been a valuable donkey and colt, positioned where Jesus told them they would be. Their only response, should they be challenged by on-lookers, was to say, “the Lord needs them.” (v3) Here, v6 has always encouraged me in its boldness, “The disciples went and did as Jesus had directed them.”

Today, as we approach Palm Sunday, what is Jesus asking from you? What does He need from you, to fulfil some part of His great plan in this broken world? Does He need your knowledge, your wisdom or your expertise? Is it a matter of standing with others on issues of climate justice or making small changes to your own lifestyle habits? Whatever He needs, as He speaks to you, do not hold back, but release it freely, just like the village folk released the colt. If ‘The Lord needs it’, and you release it, He will do amazing things through what you offer Him.



Lord give us grace to be unafraid and bold when you call us to act in obedience to your Word.


Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. For the past 23 years, he has been the minister of Maze and Ballinderry congregations. He is married to Nora and has 3 children – Bethany, Megan and Connor.

Published on 05 April 2020

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