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Prayer for Christian Aid's work in HIV/AIDS

Lord, we come before you with hearts of praise and thanksgiving.
We give thanks for the ministry of your Son,
thanks for his life lived among those that society rejected,
thanks for his mission to turn the existing order upside down.

But our praise is tempered with sorrow.
We are deeply sorry for our failure to respond to Christ's calling,
sorry for our lack of imagination and compassion,
sorry for the assumptions we make,
sorry for our greed for which someone else pays the price.

We have sinned. And we ask for your forgiveness.

Lord, we believe in the grace of your healing,
your power to mend all that is broken,
and your desire for wholeness and renewal.
We pray that we may be healed and made whole,
so we discard our excuses
that make us feel exempt from responsibility,
and treat all affected by HIV in the name of Jesus.

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