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Prayer for World AIDS Day

I'm glad I can talk to you.
You’re always there -
even when my head is somewhere else.
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed
ashamed, afraid to face the future.

It’s hard living with a stigma.
It’s not what people say.
It’s what they don't say.
It’s the knowing smiles,
and the sheepish looks.
They all add up to a feeling of accusation.

I’m glad I can talk to you
Nothing surprises you.
You’ve been where I’ve been
You’ve felt the discrimination
Experienced the betrayal
the hurt
the name calling
the whispering in corners
the religious prejudice.

You make me feel whole again
You include me in
You make me feel understood
Your extravagant generosity
leaves me speechless.
Words fail me as I try to say
Thank you
You draw me
You give me a place in the picture
You tell me
I belong even when I can't believe.

Lord, you’re unbelievable!

Meditative Prayer for World AIDS Day 2012 by the Rt Reverend Albert Bogle, Moderator to the Church of Scotland General Assembly 2012-2013.

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