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Christian Aid youth group

Welcome to Belong

For youth leaders we have Belong, which is a 10 session guide for those working with groups of young people aged 11 and over. The sessions explore issues of faith, social justice, and how we can put our faith into action.

We know that young people today often want to get their hands dirty, to do something about the problems they see in the world around them. So we’ve developed a toolkit for raising Jesus-like activists, but it starts with getting to the heart of how we treat each other, ourselves and our relationship with God.

As we try to navigate youth work within the confines of lockdown we have produced a guide on how to deliver the Belong resource across digital platforms like Zoom. There’s a lot of tips and ideas on how to facilitate discussion and play games together.

We hope you find this resource useful as you talk with your young people about putting our faith into action.

Download Belong now

Download Belong 'Digital Adaptation' now

For more information please contact Kaye in the Belfast Office on or on 028 9064 8133