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Three primary school children playing a game of ludo in the classroom

Primary School resources

Download our free and easy-to-use primary school teaching resources

We offer a selection of assemblies, classroom activities, presentations and games, aimed to help pupils engage with world issues and reflect on their own role as global citizens.

Some resources have been created by our colleagues in Great Britain, however much of the content is transferrable for use in schools in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Wonderful Worms resource for climate change, worm with mound

Wonderful Worms: Primary School resource

Wonderful Worms and their impact on climate change in Bangladesh.
'Meet the Samburu' tells the story of Stella Leporole, a member of the Samburu tribe, who lives in northern Kenya.

Meet the Samburu Primary School Resource

'Meet the Samburu' tells the story of Stella Leporole, a member of the Samburu tribe, who lives in northern Kenya.
Ten-year-old Negele Dhiba stands in front of a house in her village in Ethiopia

Become a Transformer!

Our Transformers resource is an ideal introduction to the work of Christian Aid.
A group of young students in Nepal stand in a line against a school

Beliefs and actions in the world

This religious education teaching unit considers how faith based organisations work to change the world.
Banaba, San Mateo in Manila is flooded with local residents standing outside makeshift houses in the rain

Crazy Climate primary resource

Our Crazy Climate resource pack explores the issue of climate change and poverty.
Three boys carry home emergency aid kits after Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Disaster strikes

Disasters can be devastating! But so much can be done to reduce the effects on people’s lives.
A woman stands outside her house which has partly collapsed from the earthquake in Nepal

Disaster zone game

If a disaster struck your home, what would you try to save? This game will help pupils explore the practical and emotional impacts of a disaster.
Three girls walking home from school whilst reading a book, Zambia

Exploring Christian Aid at school

Go exploring with your class! Our resources provide everything you need to find out about how charities work, and specifically how Christian Aid is making a difference all over the world.
Three children from Capaina community holding hands and playing out by the schoolhouse

Fair play

Do your pupils wish the world was fair? So does Christian Aid! This resource will help younger pupils engage with global issues of justice.
Reinaldo Plasencia holds out a piece of fruit that has been grown locally in Nicaragua

Forest foods forever game

A primary simulation game to encourage pupils to think about issues relating to food and hunger.
Illustrations from the story of Frank and the Pea Stalk

Harvest school resources

Frank and the Pea Stalk: Our Harvest resources focus on the story of Frank, a farmer in Malawi, who has been struggling to grow food in the face of climate change.
Ahmed sits with his family in temporary accommodation after fleeing Syria

Safe Place Ludo game

Safe Place Ludo is a board game that explores the difficult journeys made by people fleeing conflict.
Wild amazonian cocoa fruit

The chocolate trade game

Trace the journey of the cocoa bean from tree to chocolate bar.
A local shop at Kumortuli market in Kolkata, India

The paper bag game

A popular and highly interactive game that gives an insight into what life is like for poor people trying to earn a living.

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