Wonderful Worms and their impact on climate change in Bangladesh

Wonderful Worms

Wonderful Worms and their impact on climate change in Bangladesh

Theme: climate change 

Country: Bangladesh

Age: 7 -11

Subject areas: Citizenship, Geography, R.E.

We’ve been digging into the world of worms, and finding out how these wonderful wrigglers are transforming life for people living on islands in Bangladesh.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live on an island? Well, of course, you already do! But the islands that make up the UK and Ireland are large and very stable. In Bangladesh, some people live on islands in the middle of rivers.

These islands are small and they’re made of silt, so people living there often struggle to grow enough food. That’s where worms come in!


Find out how worms are helping children like Farhad and Juti to grow enough food to eat – and why Sokhina would like to get some worms and raise her house out of reach of flooding.

There are also plenty of ideas to help your school to raise money to help children like Sokhina in Bangladesh. Order a resource pack and poster to: 

  • Learn about Christian Aid’s work in Bangladesh 
  • Hold a worm-themed fundraising day in your school 
  • Get ideas for cross-curricular worm-themed activities for your class

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