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Find out more about our work to end poverty and how you can help, either individually or with your church.

UK General Election Campaign

The long anticipated 2024 UK General Election is upon us, where the people hoping to represent you in the next UK Parliament will be vying for your vote. This is a crucial opportunity to take action!

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Our work in action

‘I can now feed my children’

Read how Christian Aid has supported women in rural Burundi, including survivors of gender-based violence like Aline.

Latest dispatch from Gaza

Blog: After more than 200 days of war, Gaza is in ruins and the death toll is unimaginable.

Forced to flee the climate crisis

Read how the climate crisis is forcing families to abandon their homes in Bangladesh and how our local partner is supporting these climate refugees.
Emergency preparedness

Help support families when disaster strikes

With your help, we’re there before, during and after a disaster, to save lives and support people long term.

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A healthcare worker checks the weight of a baby in Ethiopia to find out if she is healthy Credit: Christian Aid/Faith Alobo
The healthcare worker is checking the weight of baby
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