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Christian Aid’s team of leading policy experts present our global and regional policy reports, briefings, blogs and other resources on out key issues. We provide analysis of sustainable development, grounded in our international programme experience.

Our policy work aims to have a prophetic voice - influencing and informing a wide range of stakeholders from civil society, to government, private sector and church leaders. We create policy materials on a wide range of topical and cutting-edge issues, which in turn informs our advocacy and campaigning work around the world.

Our priority policy themes

Economic justice and tax

Governments and the private sector both have a role to play in building just, sustainable, economies. The way that companies behave, and the way that they are regulated, especially in terms of the tax they pay and their investments into developing countries, can make a big difference to the lives of poor people.

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Tax justice campaigners Credit: Christian Aid
Tax justice campaigners
Group of women smiling
Our priority policy themes

Inequality and gender justice

Unequal distribution of power and unfair abuses of power are at the heart of poverty. And one of the most pervasive inequalities in the world is that between women and men. Gender justice is, therefore, at the heart of Christian Aid’s work

Our priority policy themes

Climate justice and low-carbon energy access

We help build the capacity of poor and marginalised people so they are better equipped to cope with disasters, risks and challenges.

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COP26 March November 2021 Credit: Amy Menzies/ Christian Aid
A group marches with a banner saying "Act for climate justice now!"
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Credit: Henry Mühlpfordt
United Nations Geneva
Our priority policy themes

Humanitarian response and resilience

We've been responding to humanitarian emergencies and disasters around the world since 1945, providing urgently needed immediate relief and long-term support.

Our priority policy themes

From violence to peace

Violence is a prime agent of poverty, capable of wiping out years of development and destroying thriving societies. Over the last 70 years we have worked in many conflict-affected countries and settings, often working directly on issues of violence and peace.

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STAR-Ghana peace committee Credit: Christian Aid
STAR-Ghana peace committee


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Women on the Front Line

Read our new report which recognises that women are disproportionately affected by climate change.


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