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Adut holds her son, South Sudan

Christmas Appeal

Stand with mums this Christmas and help the next generation grow

Want to get involved?

Find out more about our work to end poverty and how you can help, either individually or with your church.
Asunta and her son in South Sudan

Global Hunger Appeal

Support people around the world facing extreme hunger.
Advent Hope Christian Aid Ireland

Advent Hope

We invite you to join us this Advent with a special evening exploring how we, and our partners in South Sudan, continue to strive, hope, and anticipate an end to poverty, God’s will on earth as it is in Heaven.

Christmas Charity Gifts

Will you give the perfect gift and help transform lives this Christmas?

Our work in action

‘Alejandra’ pictured in the Legal Attention Centre run by Christian Aid’s local partner

Supporting survivors of domestic violence in El Salvador

In this blog, we hear ‘Alejandra’s’ story and take a look at how with support from Irish Aid, Christian Aid’s local partner ORMUSA is supporting survivors of domestic violence in El Salvador.
Ezekiel Hinyuza and Simon Sinzumunsi in Burundi

Blessed are the peacemakers

In this blog, read how Christian supported peace-building projects in Burundi are helping to prevent disputes from spilling over into violence.
Devastating floods in Fangak South Sudan

On the frontline of the climate crisis

Record floods are worsening a food crisis in South Sudan.

Catch up with COP26

Find out what happened in Glasgow during COP26 - and what comes next.


Climate justice at the Giant's Causeway Northern Ireland

Help us change the world

It won't be easy, but we will keep going until everyone is free from poverty and inequality. You can help with a donation.