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Children praying, India

Prayer diary

Pray for Christian Aid’s work and partners around the world.

Daily pointers based on the international days and the work of our partners to help guide your prayers for justice - new points added every month.


Let us pray together for each of these countries and topics during the month of December.

1 November - Grief Matters Panel Event

Pray for all those remembering loved ones they have lost today, as we meet online to remember them.

2 November - COP27

Pray for an ambitious and just decisions to be made at the global climate negotiations in Egypt.

3 November - World Food Programme

Give thanks for our partnership with the World Food Programme which enables support to be given to communities in Bangladesh, Nigeria and DRC

4 November - Christian Aid in Bangladesh

Give thanks for the recent success of the Tea Workers Labour Movement for wage increase in Bangladesh.

5 November - Talking Climate and Racial Justice

Pray for honest converstation at Liverpool Cathedral as we invite people to act for justice.

6 November - International Day

Today we pray for the intersection of two of our programmatic themes - Climate Justice and Violence to Peace.

7 October - Refugees and Internally Displaced People

Pray for those who are living in camps, displaced from home.

8 October - Festival Volunteers

Give thanks for the Volunteers who represented Christian Aid at the Greenbelt and Eisteddfod Festivals.

9 October - Media Team

Pray the Media Team can inform a wide audience and motivate them to action.

10 October - WHO World Mental Health Day

Pray for all the ways that trauma and crisis impact mental health and wellbeing for our global partners.

11 October - International Day of the Girl Child

Pray for a future of gender justice and inclusion for every little girl.

12 October - Baptist Union Council

Pray for the Baptist Union of Great Britain Council as they meet today.

13 October - International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

Pray for our partners responding to disasters today and whenever the need arises.

14 October - Letters for Creation

Pray for churches and schools creating art to campaign for Climate Justice.

15 October - International Day of Rural Women

Pray for women on the front lines of the climate crisis.

16 October - World Food Day

On World Food Day, pray for those facing hunger in East Africa.

17 October - International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Pray for patience and determination for all those who are part of our movement to eradicate poverty.

18 October - Edinburgh Book & Picture Sale

Pray for the annual Christian Aid Sale of Pictures and Scottish Books at St Andrew’s and St George's West Church.

19 October - Volunteer Speakers

Pray for Volunteer Speakers and Teachers as they share the work of Christian Aid.

20 October - SALT Business Network

Give thanks for the business leaders committed to achieving a world without poverty.

21 October - Ukraine Appeal

As the weather turns colder, pray for people struggling with the cold in the UK, Ukraine, Afghanistan and around the world.

22 October - Our History

Give thanks for the justice work that Christian Aid has done through the decades.

23 October - Prophetic Activists

Pray for our Prophetic Activist as they start their 6 month climate campaign journey with us.

24 October - World Development Information Day

Our development work spans many themes and countries. Take a few minutes to learn more about what we do.

25 October - UN Disarmament Week

During this Disarmament Week, reflect on this daily Bible reading from the archives.

26 October - Talking Climate Justice Tour

Pray for transformative climate conversations that lead to action for climate justice.

27 October - Sierra Leone

Despite being resource rich, Sierra Leone remains one of the world’s poorest countries.Pray for our work to empower people and change lives.

28 October - Humanitarian Crises

When people are most in need, Christian Aid partners are there to support.

29 October - Climate Justice

We can see our weather changing. Join us in prayer for climate justice.

30 October - End of British Summer Time

How might you use your extra hour today?

31 October - Global leaders around the table

Pray for world leaders meeting this month that they will take action on climate loss and damage.