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Find out more about our work to end poverty and how you can help, either individually or with your church.

Middle East Crisis Appeal

To save lives and share hope, please donate what you can today.

Supporter Conference 2024

Christian Aid Ireland’s annual supporter conference returns for 2024 on Saturday 9 March from 10am – 1.30pm.

Charity Gifts 2024

Give a gift with real meaning this Mother's Day and purchase a Charity Gift

Our work in action

Struggles facing families in Gaza

In this blog, Christian Aid’s consultant in Gaza Ahmed Sourani describes the many struggles facing people in Gaza as well as their hopes for an immediate ceasefire and a just, lasting peace.

Bangladesh’s material girls

In one of the poorest and most severely flood-affected areas of Bangladesh, women are embracing new technology to revive ancient art forms, create beautiful beadwork and make colourful clothing.

Overcoming drought and flooding in Honduras' 'Dry Corridor'

Read how our local partner is supporting people living in Honduras’ ‘Dry Corridor’ to better protect themselves from extreme weather and diversify their crops to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Why Christian Aid Ireland?

Christian Aid was founded in 1945 by the churches in Britain and Ireland and our values and approach continue to be driven by our Christian faith.

In ‘Why Christian Aid Ireland?’ we seek to explain why we choose to work in a distinctive way and how our Christian faith informs and underpins everything we do.

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Faith lives near a sand dam built by ADS. She is married with five children. Credit: Christian Aid
Faith Muvili and her son Hilary
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