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How to clock 10,000 steps in a day

  • A 100-minute walk - most people do around 100 steps per minute. 
  • One hour of cycling 
  • An hour and ten minutes of an exercise class 
  • If you’re a wheelchair user, use an odometer to track distance then convert to steps: 1km = 1,250 steps 

Do I have to do the 10,000 steps all in one go?

  • It's totally up to you. If you want to, go for it!
  • You could also spread it throughout the day, taking small steps towards the big target
  • Also, feel free to team up with your family and friends to collectively smash the step target as a household or friendship group

How to track your steps

What to do if you don't already have a FitBit, Strava, Garmin or other tracking device/app.

Most smartphones have a step counter on them. You could also use a fitness tracker or a smartwatch with built-in step counters.

How to sign up for the challenge

All you need to do is fill in the form. You can order a t-shirt (it's totally optional).

If you're on Facebook, you can join our 300,000 steps in May Facebook group for a support network, and to get top tips on completing your step challenge. 

What if I'm not a Facebook user?

Don’t worry, you can still join in the fun using a JustGiving page to collect in your sponsorship.

If you need further help, we’ve produced a JustGiving Help guide.

Ordering t-shirts: a handy size guide

*Chest: measure around the fullest part of your chest, keeping tape firmly under your armpits and around your shoulder blades.

Size guide Men's tops  Women's tops
  Chest (inches*) Chest (inches*)
S 34-36 34-35
M 38-40 36-37
L 42-44 38-40
XL 46-48 41-44

Between sizes? If your measurements are between those listed in the size chart, pick the next larger size if that's more comfortable for you.

How to set up your JustGiving fundraising page

It's very easy to set up your 300K Steps JustGiving page

Your page is automatically set to run until mid-June to give your family and friends a chance to donate after you've completed your challenge.

How to connect your JustGiving account to Strava or Fitbit

Once you've got a step tracker, you can keep your friends and family informed of your progress with automatic updates to your fundraising page. Here's how:

How to promote your challenge

Share widely, use our hashtags, and tag us in your posts.

Share it as wide as you can - and share regularly!

  • spread the word on social media, and tag us (see below for our handles)
  • ask your friends for donations, and ask them to share it with their friends too.  
  • share the link to your page on social media from time to time
  • add the link to your page to your church’s newsletters
  • email to your friends and colleagues

Hashtags - add these to your posts:

 #CAW and #300Ksteps 

Tag us in your posts

How to take part as a team

You can take on the challenge with your church, family, friends or colleagues:

How your money reaches us, and how it will be used

Money donated through your JustGiving fundraising page comes to Christian Aid automatically, like any electronic transfer of money. 

The money raised will help families facing poverty and injustice around the world. Here are a few examples of what the cash could do:

  • £5 could buy water taps for a community garden
  • £15 could buy drought-resistant seeds like sorghum or millet to help 10 farmers like Jessica to grow food
  • £60 could train 50 women farmers to adapt and grow food in the changing climate
  • £250 could help a family build a storeroom, and provide seeds and fertilisers
  • £330 could buy an irrigation kit to water a family garden

Since there's no minimum amount you could raise, you could aim to fund a storeroom or an irrigation kit.

Do I need to raise a minimum amount?

There is no minimum sponsor amount.

We'd suggest you raise a minimum of £250 - but you can aim even higher to make an even bigger difference to turn hunger into hope.

Can the donations be Gift Aided?

Yes - and please do encourage your donors to add Gift Aid. That 25% extra makes the donations go even further.

Do you need any further support?

Please get in touch with our friendly team at