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At Christian Aid, we know we are stronger when we stand together. When we work in partnership, we achieve the greatest impact.

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Spring Appeal 2023

We’ve reached out to ask you to respond to emergencies many times over recent years – war, conflict, hunger, an earthquake. The list goes on. We can’t predict when emergencies will happen, but we do know that we’ll be there to help when they do. Yet, while our emergency response continues, it’s also vital our long-term development work does too, which is why we’re highlighting the transformative impact of Village Savings & Loans Schemes in Kenya and Ethiopia.

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Safia Galgalo, 43, in her first poultry house happily showing off some healthy chicks from her brood of chickens in Adi huka Village, Marsabit county. Credit: PSAYS_PHOTOGRAPHY
Family smiling in Malawi
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Mzimba, Malawi: Fyness Tembo proudly shows off her new garden. She gained gardening skills through the Sosure programme. Credit: Malumbo Simwaka / Christian Aid
A proudly smiling black woman wearing brightly patterned attire crouches down by her garden of lush green plants with soil in her hands

Christmas Appeal 2022

Christmas is a period of joy and celebration for people around the world. Yet, families across Malawi - like Fyness' - are facing a fight for survival this Christmas due to climate-related crop devastation, caused by the climate crisis. Could you share a gift of love to help those families look to the future with hope?

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