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Frequently asked questions on the doorstep

Frequently asked questions on the doorstep


What does Christian Aid do?

Christian Aid has a vision of an end to poverty. Across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America and the Caribbean, we work with local partners to bring lasting change for people living in poverty, regardless of their faith, gender or race.

What’s Christian Aid Week?

Christian Aid Week is seven amazing days of fundraising, prayer and action against global poverty.

During the week, we ask our amazing supporters to give their time, money and voices to help bring lasting change to some of the world’s poorest communities. The money you raise funds our vital work to help transform the lives of people around the world.

How is the money spent?

Of every £1 given in 2014/15, 84p was spent on ‘direct charitable expenditure’ – or on helping those living in poverty. Just 1% of our income is spent on governance and administration. We spend 15p from every £1 raised on raising the next £1, which keeps our work going.

Why does Christian Aid only work on issues of poverty internationally?

Christian Aid was set up by the churches in Britain and Ireland to be their agency to tackle poverty overseas. Christian Aid works with agencies such as Church Action on Poverty to draw attention to the links between poverty at home and abroad through issues such as tax.

Does Christian Aid only help Christians?

No. We believe everyone is equal. We work to help people on the basis of need, not religion, race, ethnicity or nationality, and fund projects that help people whatever their beliefs.

Much of the work we fund is carried out by local, faith-based organisations – including those run by Christians, Muslims, Jews or people of other faiths – but it’s for the benefit of all. Poverty does not discriminate on the basis of faith and neither do we.

We are committed to the Red Cross and Red Crescent Code of Conduct, meaning we never link aid with evangelism, and we don’t promote one Christian church or denomination over another.

What does the ‘Christian’ in Christian Aid mean?

Christian Aid was created by the churches in Britain and Ireland, and churches remain our key supporters. We’re the overseas development agency of 41 sponsoring churches in Britain and Ireland and work with church networks around the world.

We believe that God created all humans in his image, equal to one another. In a world where 1.4 billion people live in poverty, we believe that Jesus calls us to be good news to the poor.

Our faith mandates us to stand up for their rights, fight for their dignity and work for an end to their suffering.

Why should we support refugees?

Refugees like Nejebar, whose story is featured on the Christian Aid Week envelope, have fled terrible violence from places like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Driven out of their homes, people have been forced to make dangerous, exhausting journeys in search of safety, and they need support.

Most refugees seek sanctuary in poor countries neighbouring their own. But wherever they are, they, like all of us, deserve a safe place to call home.

Our country has a long history of providing sanctuary to refugees, and Christian Aid was founded to help the huge numbers of people displaced after the Second World War. We won’t turn our backs on people desperate to escape the horrors of conflict.