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Harvest Appeal

Give a gift today to help more communities to grow and thrive.
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Eddina Yonasi, 49, (far left) and Janet Ben, 31, (far right) and their fellow Makande Women's Group members proudly holding up 500 ml bottles of baobab (malambe) juice that they have just made at their processing unit in Ngabu Traditional Authority, Chikw Credit: Malumbo Simwaka
Eddina far left) and Janet (far right) with their Makande Womens Group and baobab juice

Sisters stronger together. United we can save lives.

The seasons change, but love and community remain, strong and constant. Could you help more communities around the world build a new life, full of hope?

In Malawi, women are struggling in the face of the climate crisis. Extreme weather is affecting crops; cyclones have destroyed homes, floods have washed away livestock.

The climate crisis is pushing them deeper into poverty. In the aftermath of floods, they have lost nearly everything. Food is scarce and there is no money to educate their children.

But people are uniting and changing their lives together.

With your support, women are joining forces to change their lives and overcome poverty.

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Harvest stories

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Hold a Harvest service

Unite with our sisters and brothers around the world in prayer this Harvest.

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A blog for Harvest focusing on Malawi - then and now.

Climate justice campaign

This is the biggest challenge we face. But together we can restore God’s Earth

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Give a Harvest gift today

With your gift, you can help more communities around the world to grow, thrive, and build new lives full of hope, this Harvest and beyond.