Sierra Leone is the most dangerous place in the world to become a mum. Today, 10 women will die from giving birth. We're not prepared to live with that. 

That's why we're standing together, as churches, communities, and global partners, to make childbirth safe for all mums and babies. 

Stand Together

Together, we're building more health clinics, so mums can deliver their babies safely. We're providing health training, so nurses can provide the urgent care that mums need. And we're improving hygiene, so mums and babies can fight diseases, and live long happy lives. 

No one should die in childbirth. Will you stand together with pregnant mums this Christian Aid Week?

Join us to deliver envelopes, cook Big Brekkies and stand together, to help mums and babies survive and thrive. 

Stand together with pregnant mums this Christian Aid Week?

For help organising a Christian Aid Week event or for more information, contact your nearest office.

Dublin: email or call 01 496 7040

Belfast: email or call 028 9064 8133