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Woman praying, South Sudan


Our work is founded on the Good News lived and proclaimed by Jesus; it is inspired by hope and sustained by faith.

Hand reaching towards reflective candles

Monthly meditations

A short reflective film inspired by scriptures to watch and share each month.
Candles lit for monthly prayer group

Monthly Prayer Group

Join us once a month as we come together to pray for the most vulnerable communities around the world.
Close-up of person's hands holding a lime

What we believe

Learn more about the theological thinking underpinning our work.
Displaced women carrying food sacks, South Sudan

Prayers for emergencies and disasters

Pray with us to support those whose lives have been torn apart by emergencies and disasters.
Fisherman on the shore

Daily Bible readings

A passage, reflection, action and prayer for every day.
Open Bible held in hands

Weekly worship

Pointers for sermons and prayers.


We are strongly committed to inspire and encourage churches and individuals to hold poor communities in prayer.
Children praying, India

Prayer diary

Pray for Christian Aid’s work and partners around the world.