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Active Aid

Get active and complete a sponsored stay-at-home challenge

Could you cycle the Tour de France from the saddle of a static bike, run a marathon around your garden, complete one thousand star jumps or climb a mountain on the stairs?

Get active and complete a sponsored stay-at-home challenge for Christian Aid and raise money for some of the world's most vulnerable communities. 

Set your challenge and set up your fundraising page on JustGiving and get both your heart rate and your sponsorship journey going! 

JustGiving Northern Ireland

JustGiving Republic of Ireland

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • 10,000 steps a day
  • 1000 start jumps in a week
  • 100 squats a day
  • 10x10x10 = ten reps of ten things for ten days
  • A daily bleep test through lockdown
  • Climb one of Ireland's mountains up and down your stairs
  • Get a group together and do a leg each of a journey, across Ireland or beyond
  • Run your most unique marathon

Supporters in Northern Ireland

Supporters in Republic of Ireland

Other ways to get involved during lockdown

Join Quiz Aid

Connect with family and friends and help raise vital funds for Christian Aid from the comfort of your home.


During lockdown, donate your spare cash to help the most vulnerable communities throughout the world.