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Loss and Damage


We believe that the biggest polluters are responsible for the present-day damage caused by the climate crisis.
These polluters should pay up.

The people who have done the least to cause the climate crisis are dealing with damage to harvests and homes, right now. They are losing their lives, land and culture, right now.

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Graphic depicting paper chain people

Church Activity Pack

Download the pack to help your church reflect, pray, act on loss and damage.
What remains of the house belonging to Jeksani Mapolisi in Kalima village, Chikwawa District Malawi.

Loss and Damage fund agreed at COP27!

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A scene of floods and dying trees.

Stories and Views on Loss and Damage

Hear stories, experiences and views about loss and damage from those most impacted.

Loss and Damage FAQs

Here, we cover frequently asked questions like what 'loss and damage' actually means, why we should care about it and what we're calling for in response.