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On May 5th in Northern Ireland we will go to the polling booths to vote for candidates to be elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly. In the run up to the election it’s a great opportunity to raise our voices on the issues that concern us. Especially as many candidates and political party members will be out knocking on doors looking for our votes.

The Northern Ireland Assembly recently passed climate change legislation, which sets a target of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. Whilst it’s good news that Northern Ireland finally has climate legislation in place the proof will be in how this new law is implemented.

Christian Aid are joining with Tearfund to call on our respective supporters to ‘Ask the Climate Question’.

Please consider asking your candidates the following question when they call at your door:

I care about climate change because it is hitting the world’s poor the hardest - those who have done the least to cause this crisis. If you are elected, what action will you take as an MLA to tackle the climate crisis?

We’d love to hear what responses you get, so if you have asked the Climate Question then please get in touch to let us know who you spoke to and what they said.

Email: David Thomas

Download the question and some background information