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We love coffee!

Not only does it taste yummy and give us the perfect excuse to while away an afternoon with friends, it is also one of our biggest fundraisers!

Here in Ireland our amazing supporters hold hundreds of Coffee for Christian Aid events during Christian Aid Week and throughout the year.

So grab yourself a cuppa and read on to find out how you can use the power of your mug to raise vital funds for our work.

How do I host a Coffee for Christian Aid event?

  • Decide on the scale of your coffee break, who you are inviting, the venue, the date and the time.
  • Decide if you want to have a break with just coffee and tea, or if you want to sell some little homemade treats - like cake, scones or jams.
  •  Perhaps even arrange a coffee break that will give your friends and family an insight into Christian Aid’s work by holding a talk or discussion.
  • Please use Fairtrade coffee to support the families and farmers that are providing us with our scrumptious cuppa! 

Please join us!

By joining in, you will be making a stand against poverty and funding education, food security, health care and emergency relief in the world's poorest countries. It isn’t asking a lot, but we assure you, your money will change lives. 

If you are interested in holding your very own Coffee for Christian Aid event, or want to suggest it to someone else, we have all the resources and advice you need in our new coffee pack which you can order by contacting your local Christian Aid office:

Dublin:  01 496 7040, 

Belfast: 028 9064 8133,