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Through our Community Partnerships, we can link you to Christian Aid projects in some of the world’s poorest communities.

If your church, school, business or community group can raise £5,000 over the next two years, the European Union and other designated partners will match fund your donation by at least three times – turning £5,000 into £20,000!

It’s a great way to make your money go further for people living in poverty across the globe. Find out more about our projects below or email

Starting a partnership

We’re asking you to commit to raising £5,000 for one of our Community Partnership projects.

Once you've signed up, we’ll send you resources packed with information about the country and the project. You'll also receive promotional materials to inspire and motivate your community.

We’ll send you regular updates on the project and we'll be on hand to support you with your fundraising.

Watch our video to find out more.

Your questions answered

This is an exciting challenge, and we hope the following information will help you on your way. Your friendly Christian Aid local teams are here to support you too, so please get in touch!

You can also download our information for supporters (57.2 KB PDF)

How can I raise the money?

You can raise the money however you like – through bake sales, film nights, sponsored silences, Christian Aid challenge events – whatever you can do to get your group enthused and engaged.

Your local Christian Aid team can help you with ideas for events, provide speakers, and connect you with other groups also partnering with your chosen project.

If you’re doing a sponsored event in support of your Community Partnership and using a website like JustGiving, we can help you link that to your group’s overall giving. We can also help you with the paying-in slips that help us to identify your gift.

Can I raise more than £5,000?

If you think you’re going to raise more than your £5,000 – fantastic! Please do let us know, as it might be that we have to allocate some of that money to a different project elsewhere (match funding partners have limits on how much each project can receive). We’ll talk to you first to find an alternative you’re happy with.

What if I can't reach the £5,000 target?

If you’re struggling to reach your target, then just get in touch. We can help you raise those last few pounds, put you in touch with others in your area who want to get involved, or connect you with a group that has raised more than £5,000.

How long have I got to raise £5,000?

Each project lasts between two and four years, and all the gifts need to be with us six months before the project finishes so that the funds can be spent in time.

It might be that you have nearly three years to raise your £5,000 if you join a project near its beginning; for others you might only have a year before the end. Please check end dates with a member of the team before you sign up and choose one that will be an exciting (but realistic) challenge for your group.

How is your money used?

We use 85% of the funds raised through Community Partnerships to support the projects on offer, and 15% to support the work of all our teams based both in the UK and overseas.

Why does giving include a levy?

It is vital to have the funds available so that there are staff who can ensure the effective and efficient delivery of our projects. For example, the organisational support mechanisms and operational costs would not be covered in the project costs.

The levy ensures that we can carry out rigorous monitoring and evaluating of the projects as well as being able to approach organisations like the EU for matched funding.

Who do I contact for more information?

If you have any questions or would like clarification on anything, please get in touch with your local Christian Aid office or email

Contact us

Find out more by emailing or contacting your local regional office directly.