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A grandmother, mother and child sit outside their collapsed home in India

Ways to give

Your donations help us fight poverty and injustice around the world, offering hope to millions.

Local woman sits in traditional dress in her Maasai village, Narok County Kenya

Ways to donate

There are many ways you can donate to Christian Aid and every penny you give will help end poverty.
Sunset in El Salvador - Christian Aid

Gifts in memory

A gift in memory is a special way to pay tribute to a loved one and change the lives of people all over the world.
Children holding hands

Gifts in Wills

Hope is an unstoppable force. Hope unites us. Hope fuels action. A gift in your Will can turn your hope into action and create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty.
A group of Bangladeshi women smiling at the camera

Tax efficient giving

If you pay income tax in the Republic of Ireland Christian Aid could claim tax relief on your donation. Read more about tax efficient giving.
Three boys carry home emergency aid kits after Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Gift Aid

Your donation could be worth almost 25% more - at no extra cost to you.
Rachel is Christian Aid's Volunteer Manager at The Changing Room Garvagh


Changing lives with The Changing Room, Christian Aid's charity shop.